Saleen to Sponsor Texas Hot Rods in First All-Saleen Aftermarket Enhanced 2006 Mustang

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El Paso, TX (PRWEB) March 9, 2006 Saleen, the premier automotive lifestyle brand for the Ford Mustang, has chosen to sponsor Texas Hot Rods in creating an all-Saleen aftermarket parts enhanced 2006 Mustang. This vehicle, a Screaming Yellow 2006 Mustang, will begin as an all stock vehicle and will be transformed to showcase Saleen’s complete line of aftermarket parts. The vehicle will showcase the following items. Body kit […]

Latest Ford Mustang Car Shows News

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NASCAR 2011: 20 Reasons to Be Amped Up for the Season Next week, NASCAR Sprint Cup teams get back to work on the track in preparation for the 53rd running of the Daytona 500. Every season brings a new set of questions, a new set of controversies and changes that alter the sport in some way. This season is no different. There are rule changes, design changes on the cars […]

Special Edition Packages For Ford Mustang

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Shelby SuperSnake special edition mustang Ford Mustang is the new benchmark fro muscle manufacturers such as Vaxhall, Pontaic and General Motors etc. The stock mustang itself is a fire breathing monstor with over 500HP under the hood. But Carol Shelby, founder of Shelby Automobiles was not satisfied with the performance of mustangs with factory settings. So he took the stock mustang and fitted it with performance intake manifolds, free flow […]

Latest Ford Mustang Car Show News

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Roadshow: Mr. Roadshow’s new dream car is a tad expensive The 2011 Bentley GTC convertible on display at Silicon Valley International Auto Show can cost $ 201,000. Read more on San Jose Mercury News The top 10 stories of 2010 in Carrollton The follow stories were selected as the top 10 stories in Carrollton over the past year. Stories have been edited for space. Read more on The Carrollton Leader […]

How To Find Ford Mustang Parts

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Well finding unique yet cheap ford mustang parts is not an easy task to get accomplished on time. Anyhow you will have to first immediately get connected with your keywords research online. Try to paste a popular keyword like ford mustang parts in the search engine and click on your search button. Sudden a list of top 10 ford mustang parts shops will be opened in front of you from […]

Cars For Sale ? Government Car Auction ? Japan Used Cars On Sale

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Cars For Sale ? Government Car Auction ? Japan Used Cars On Sale

Cars for sale at Goverment Auctions: Government car auctions are now becoming more and more popular as time goes by simply because this is the perfect way for any individual be it car dealers, realtors, or even teen to buy cars or homes due to affordability. Cars for sale dealerships and realtors simply run to this auctions and buy cars and homes at extremely low prices and later sell them […]

AUTO RACING: Marion’s Charlie Booze Jr. wins fourth Hot Street World Championship trophy

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AUTO RACING: Marion’s Charlie Booze Jr. wins fourth Hot Street World Championship trophy The story of David vs. Goliath features a normal man emerging victorious over his larger, better-equipped opponent despite a number of apparent disadvantages. Read more on Chambersburg Public Opinion Auto show opens today The annual San Diego International Auto Show opens a four-day run at the Convention Center Thursday. Read more on FOX 5 San Diego Greg […]

Latest Car Shows News

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Driver unaware car was ablaze on I-70 (KMOV) – A car caught fire on westbound Interstate 70 near Lambert Airport Monday morning. A app user shot video of the fire and sent it to News 4.  It shows a n ambulance, police and fire crews on the scene. Firefighters say the woman driving was on I-70 and didn’t even realize her car was on fire. Numerous drivers honked horns […]

E-car inventor aching for gov’t attention

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E-car inventor aching for gov’t attention MANILA, Philippines – Ismael Aviso, aka “Ka Maeng” who is a Filipino electric car inventor, spent Christmas twiddling his thumbs inside his home in Navotas City.For seven years now, Aviso been telling the government that he has the knowhow to create a car “engine” that uses electricity instead of petroleum. Read more on Manila Bulletin via Yahoo! Philippines News FEATURE ARTICLES: 2010 roundup: Most […]

Report endorses cellulosic E85 fuel

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Report endorses cellulosic E85 fuel A US study shows cellulosic E85 fuel is the best fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to other alternatives, such as hybrid car technology or fuel cells. Read more on Straight Furrow ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ car joins Johnstown couple’s collection Keith and Marilyn Smith drive their newly purchased 1919 Dodge Brothers Touring Car off a truck in front of their Johnstown home on […]

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